Thursday, 3 July 2008


I was so desperately hoping to move this blog away from The Hamptons - we managed it briefly with a run of meat-related jokes and brief excitement over a brothel in Worcester Park, but matters must now return to our New England friends as a 'Public Enquiry' has been announced into the issue of further expansion of The Hamptons.

Back in December last year, St James Homes (developers of The Hamptons) had their planning permission for the final phase of The Hamptons rejected.

The reasons for refusal were:
  • The effect on road traffic and parking

  • Noise pollution from the wind turbines

  • Further strain on local services (schools, doctors' surgeries etc).

As expected, St James have now lodged an appeal against the rejection of their planning application. The fight is on - it is up to the people of Worcester Park once again to voice their opinions and ensure that the eminently sensible decision of the local planners is not allowed to be overturned.

By way of reminder, what we are fighting against here is the building of:

  • Thirty two 3-bedroomed and twenty six 4-bedroomed terraced houses

  • Eight 3-bedroomed and twenty 4-bedroomed semi-detached houses

  • Eight 4-bedroomed and two 5-bedroomed detached houses

  • Twenty nine 1-bedroomed, fifty seven 2-bedroomed and two 2/3-bedroomed flat

  • Garages, surface and basement car parking, cycle and refuse facilities

Or, in other words, 184 more dwellings.

As fun as the jibes about The Hamptons residents have been, and as much as we have all enjoyed the war of words between the two camps this is about a very serious threat to the infrastructure and local services of Worcester Park.

If you think we can handle yet more traffic on Central Road then by all means allow this to go through unnopposed.

If you are happy that the local schools and doctors surgeries can cope with 184 more dwellings then you can put your feet up and relax.

To all those who share my horror at the prospect of yet more development in the area, I propose that 'Round 2' against St James has now well and truly begun!

Are you ready for the fight? Click on the scanned letter at the top of this blog posting for more details on how you can add your voice to the appeal.

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Stephan said...

Oh god not again! From what I can tell we have to mail them three copies to the address in the scan? I'm on it!

Anonymous said...

will it make them bring back Marks and Spencers?...

Sadnblue said...

Worcester Park is a lonely place early in the morning.

Jennifer said...

We knew it was gonna happen...just not so soon admittedly.

Janette said...

It was even earlier at 0410 this morning - it was a delight to be able to sail down Central Road with not another car in sight ( if it hadn't so early in the morning) but guess which lights were at red???

......Yes, you guessed correct - Green Lane!!!! Is there no respite from their interference in our lives???

Anonymous said...

I thought developers were struggling to sell their houses because of the credit crunch.

So why is St James's Homes building more?

Many building companies, such as Barratt, have cut staff numbers. Has St James's?

And more private houses will mean more council houses (whose occupants don't seem to show obvious signs of poverty, ie we're been taken for a ride).

I only know Green Lane from a pedestrian's perspective. Many cars go through the red lights, which I have reported to the police/council.

The pedestrian crossing outside WH Smith is also fraught with drivers jumping lights.

But your average blogger seems more interested in drivers.

Give the Hamptons some credit for its cycle-friendly lay-out. It is possible to cycle almost all the way from Boscombe Road to Motspur Park station along parkland.

Anonymous said...

I believe the following may be a problem:

If St James's Homes cannot sell its houses then the purchaser will be Thames Valley Housing...

I have just had to instruct TVH's delightful junior tenants to leave my private property.

I'm all for a 24-hour curfew.

What would your advice be on how to deal with unruly youths on your property, playing with bikes and footballs?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else read todays(02.08.08) Daily Mail pages 42 and 43 .yes 2 pages, on the 'social problems in the Hamptons.
who would want to buy there now!!!!.

Anonymous said...

Great more development of the Hamptons = more traffic and more scumbags! we dont want the ones that are there already let alone more. However its a good time to open up a tracksuit and baseball cap emporium!

bert bunby said...

bert bunby is capt.america

bert bunby said...

and the park belongs to us.

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