Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Lights, camera, action!

There are a few videos of Worcester Park on YouTube, mostly 10 second pixellated mobile phone clips of of chavs making moron faces at the camera.

Now, at least, there is something Worcester Park-related that is worth your while watching - and it comes courtesy of aspiring local film maker James Webber.

The interiors of his short film 'Tentboy' were all filmed at Briarwood Court flats opposite the station and the park scenes were shot just 10 mins from good old WP!

The short story is described as 'an urban fairy tale about a young man who inexplicably decides to imprison himself in a tent...in the park' (possibly because he couldn't afford the cost of housing in KT4). Three friends band together to free him. Will they succeed? Watch it and find out...

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Fingercuff Productions said...

Hey thanks for finding our video. We hope everyone enjoys it and please leave us comments. To watch more of our short films and music videos please visit:

Many thanks!

Cubinoid said...

Great to that there are more film makers in Worcester Park!

I loved "Tent Boy" - some nice ideas for shots and an interesting story!

Good stuff!

- Cubinoid

Cubinoid said...

Oh - and if you fancy checking out our own (very silly) little videos, you'll find them on:

Most made right here in Worcester Park, and filmed with just a webcam!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words on our film!

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