Saturday, 12 July 2008

I hope you like jamming too?

It was the 'Take Part Take Pride' Worcester Park guided walk this morning - a decent turnout of local residents made the most of the break in the recent monsoon rains to stretch their legs and learn more about the history of Worcester Park. Accompanied by a first aider in uniform - you can never be too healthy or too safe, I guess.

It appears that those on foot are about the only ones in Worcester Park that are actually getting anywhere fast.

Last weekend I was somewhat scpetical (most unlike me) that the new yellow box junctions that have been slapped on certain parts of Central Road would make any difference to the problems of traffic gridlock.

If the experience of the past five days is anything to go by, they certainly have. Traffic is a lot worse.

I thought perhaps it was all in my imagination, but as I commute home along the Malden Road (from North Cheam into Worcester Park) the traffic queuing to crawl down Central Road has definitely lengthened.

Blog reader 'Amskar' has noticed a recent change too:

"This last week it seems to have become much worse than usual. Even on Sunday afternoon there were huge queues. It really has become unacceptable and unnecessary. "

Whilst I'm sticking with the 'yellow box' argument, Amskar thinks our old friends the traffic lights may be to blame:

"I suspect that Kingston Council have changed the timing on the lights at Worcester Park Station because I counted that it only stays green for about 10 seconds (enough time for just 5 vehicles to pass through) before stopping to allow one or two vehicles out of the Avenue.

It seems ludicrous that 200 or more vehicles (including buses) are held up for a handful of cars exiting The Avenue. It seems that nobody is prepared to tackle this problem, simply by changing the timing on these lights and giving at least one minute for the main road thereby allowing more than a few vehicles through.

If this continues I can see buses being rerouted away from Worcester Park to avoid this madness."

The good news it that TFL have allocated resources to change the traffic light phasing in Worcester Park.

The various sets of traffic lights in the Central Road/Malden Road area section will all be linked which, TFL promise, will smooth the flow of traffic through Worcester Park.

Oh, and we only have to wait until January 2009 for this to be done.