Thursday, 3 July 2008


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ahmith said...

Just to let you all know that if you are wanting the best mouthwatering indian food i mean fantastic food go to Royal india reataurant in cheam common road they have the best food and good prices the chef is an award winner form the famous bricklane you cant beat that try it call them before you go beacuse they are allways busy

Anonymous said...

Please buy my house, it is a wonderful house in wonderful Worcester Park!

Longella said...

can anyone recommend a MSG free Chinese restuarant locally?? The Chef use it as does Silks (they were both very accommodating I have to say). I have surfed the internet but haven't really found anything.


Zoe M said...

Hi Mr Park (First name Worcester),
I've just moved to the area and while I was doing my Christmas shopping in town I went into Superdrug. So far so normal, then as I passed the hair dyes I saw a cat. A cat sitting placidly and calm, staring out contentedly at the cashiers. S/he was a black and white with a sort of tuxedo marking (they looked very clean, unsurprising for Superdrug). I looked around, no one else was even batting an eyelid. So I asked a nice lady if it was hers, she replied "No, its always here".

The Superdrug cat? A mystery I think needs resolving. Who's is it? Why is it there? Will there be a statue of memorial when it is gone?

Worcester Park said...

Hi Zoe - no mystery at all. The cat is Oscar, who belongs to 'Pets Place' (the pet shop) but spends most of his days next door in the make-up aisle of Superdrug. Near the mousecara. He is a well known local celeb - hence why Worcester Parkers don't bat an eyelid.

Ian Morris said...

I like to think of him as a security guard for superdrug, with his black and white uniform.

Anonymous said...

I am a recent visitor to Worcester Park. I used to enjoy visiting the area and shop at many of the local businesses listed on this blog site.

However, following a recent visit to Waitrose in November - and gaining an unjustly issued Penalty Ticket - I regret I will no longer shop in Worcester Park, as I feel it has changed and with its opportunistic 'Civil Parking Enforcement Officers' making it unwelcoming to visitors.

Thank you to all who in the past have made shopping in Worcester Park enjoyable and convenient to visiting shoppers. Merry Christmas!

S. MacKellaig

Worcester Park said...

Sorry to hear about your bad experience with parking - however would you really want to punish the hard working local shopkeepers because of the unrelated actions of one of Sutton Council's traffic wardens? Happy Christmas, and keep visiting Worcester Park!

Fen said...


PLEASE,PLEASE tell me - why are none of the terraced houses at the Hamptons end of Boscombe Road selling? I heard there has been trouble with youths from the Hamptons. Thinking of buying there, is that true???

Worcester Park said...

Fen - I think everywhere in Worcester Park has the same problem. Very few houses are selling - I've seen some locally on the market for 8 months or more.

Fen said...

Worcester Park - thanks for the info, can any Boscombe residents shed light on the persistent rumours I have heard of problems with youths from Hamptons particularly in regard to the alleyway leading to Garth Road?

kelly said said...

royal india is the best indian i have ever tasted. If you want indian it has to be the royal india

Anonymous said...

the "superdrug cat" has been around for years but he comes from the pet shop just up the road and he just walks around shops sitting and sleeping in places.

hes a worcester park legend

Claire said...

Indeed, the "Superdrug" cat is called Oscar and is "owned" by the pet shop next door. He must be getting on now in years (at least 14 years old by my reckoning) and I'm very impressed at how he never tries (thankfully!) to cross the road. He is indeed a Worcester Park icon!!

Anonymous said...

There were some really nice and helpful comments here!
Now why do around and take micky out of people as you usually do?

Anonymous said...

Fen, We are all too quick to blame the hamptons for the big incease in burglary muggings and drugs. The boys that cause trouble in Worcester park are not actually from the hamptons, but from nearby roads.

Anonymous said...

I dont see how you can pinpoint where the people come from that cause the trouble, unless you ask the perpetrators to fill out some kind of questionairre whilst they are committing their crime? But i can say for sure as a boscombe road resident, that there is a massive amount of trouble in this end of the hamptons, police cars are going in there every week, quite often with their lights and sirens going, also police vans arent an irregular occurence either. Considering i can count on one hand the number of times police cars have visited boscombe road in the years prior to the hamptons being built, i would say that the residents of the hamptons do have something to answer for in terms of an increased crime and nuiscance rate, wihtout any doubt.

Anonymous said...

I haven't come across any problems with anti-social behaviour on the Hamptons. There is no graffiti, no dog shit and Boscombe Road is still very quiet (its problems are mainly due to a shortage of car parking space). I have never heard a police siren.

Presumably this lack of anti-social behaviour is due to the tight restrictions imposed on residents. And bear in mind that many of these houses are part-owned by professionals who cannot get on the housing ladder.

Yes, some litter may be dropped in Boscombe Road by people on the way to the Hamptons - but in driveways/front gardens already full of junk. Do the oldies - who probably upgraded from council houses when property was cheap - see the very occasional coloured face or young women with pushchairs and make assumptions?

The alleyway between Trafalgar Avenue and Garth Road is also not subject to anti-social behaviour. The residents are merely "dressing up" their case for gates that prevent pedestrian access (to the 293 bus). The only anti-social behaviour has been the uncouth nature of the signs put up by residents.

Anonymous said...

Im sorry, but if you've 'never heard a police siren', youre either hard of hearing, or talking nonsense, it is so so regular for them to drive in to the Hamptons, you're deluded. Im not trying to tar everyone who lives there with the same brush, but a fact is a fact.

Not all driveways in Boscombe are 'full of junk', nor are we all closed minded or ignorant....btw, coloured face??? Police are there constantly, whatever the reason is. I presume for something more serious than an unattended package of dog shit.

Anonymous said...

btw...ive never seen any trouble in the alley between Garth and Trafalgar roads. Its only about 10ft long isnt it!! theres hardly enough room for any shenanigans to take place!!

Alex, Oaks Avenue said...

Hi. I read the articles here with interest and a little humour. I also note an undercurrent of resistance against the growing presence of charity shops. Yes, it would be great if the high street was once again, full of local traders - but let’s be honest, that time is gone forever and nothing’s going to change it. (Well, nothing short of gold being discovered in Nonsuch park!)

Charity shops only exist in locations where there is insufficient or alas, no commercial interest. That is to say, there is only one real alternative to their presence - empty, boarded up properties along the high street, no doubt complete with graffiti and broken windows.

Given the choice between numerous charity shops and numerous boarded up eyesores along the high street, I suspect most of us would prefer the former. If you take a walk down the high street and try and visualise each charity shop you come to as a vandalised wreck, the current charity shops become a rather attractive sight!

Anonymous said...

Hi im a resident living on brinkley road, ever since april last year ive been ordering my pizza's from PAPA JOHNS at central road.. Just wanted to say that their pizza's are absolutely delicious and always have the best deals!!! Everytime we feel like ordering a pizza my 4 year old says ' DAD, THERE'S ALWAYS A DEAL AT PAPA JOHNS' :))

Anonymous said...

Are you in fact 'Papa John' himself?!

Colonel Sanders said...

Is anonymous the current owner of the Papa John's franchise on WP high street by any chance. Bizarrely my family can't wait to eat daily from KFC, my Grandad always says things like "I don't have any teeth so I can eat the coleslaw", my 3 year old loves Pepsi in his tommee tippee. Our fifteen year old always has somewhere to hang out thats safe on a Friday night. Their deals are always cheaper than Papa John's, a family feast for £9.99 thats credit crunch beating. Every time I want deep fried battery raised chickens my wife says "Do you fancy a bit of bucket" it really is finger licking good.

The Colonel said...

I bet PaPa Johns doesn't have a scecret blend of 11 herbs and spices either!

Anonymous said...

All this talk of Papa Johns and KFC makes me peckish. I had a similar experience to Mr Worcester Park in Papa Johns at around about the time they opened with their nice but confused staff. Been back a few times since and they've gotten noticeably better each time. These days you're in good hands and the food is excellent. And we find any leftovers keep till the next day in the fridge which goes down well with her in charge of the spreadsheet in these credit crunched, economically ruined times.

cbatte2 said...

Forget all the other shops closing down Worcester Park has something better on the way, because Greggs is coming to town! Trust me!

Alex, Oaks Avenue said...

I had a thought whilst watching Antiques Roadshow on BBC I-player, featuring a pot bought from a charity shop, which turned out to be worth a few quid.

Does anyone know of any similar, local discoveries? (Or perhaps residents of the Hamptons might like to share their news of their finds, whilst breaking and entering?)

Anonymous said...

Has anyone other than me noticed that since the rubbish is now being collected in recycle bins for paper, plastic/cardboard etc just how much the bin men spill on to the streets. After a collection the amount of rubbish left in the road and paths where I live is a joke, when everything went in one bin, it was collected, tipped in to the lorry and that was the last you saw of it, now you see it everywhere.

Jacey said...

Where I live the dustmen are okay. Its my neighbours who need educating on recycling. The council should really re-issue guidelines. I see so many corks/tops on wine bottles. Also plastic lids on milk bottles, and so many wrong things in the recycling. Still, at the rate my neighbour collects carrier bags when she's shopping I doubt the rest of us will ever make up for her. Please please, if you have a car please take your own bags. Its so annoying to see people with 15 carriers bags in their trolleys and all they are doing is taking them to the car and to their door.

While I'm on a rubbish "rant" why do people drop their little black "doggy" bags all along the verge in Farm Way . Having been decent enough to pick it up, isn't the idea to take them home? I was in Nonsuch Park the other day and noticed a distinct lack of people picking anything up - different rules in a park eh?

Anonymous said...

Im pretty sure lids which are metal or plastic are completely fine in the recycling, obviously corks arent. And besides, we know sutton just sells all our recycling to fuel the factories over in China anyway!

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid that it is those narrow-minded, lazy people who don't recycle their rubbish properly who cause councils to introduce draconian measures such as fining for not recycling. And yet they are then the first to complain when a council does bring in these measures.

It does dismay me to see how many people still cannot be bothered to recycle plastic bottles, newspapers or drinks cans and just throw them into normal rubbish. Pure laziness and ignorance. Probably the same people who drive 4WD jeeps around our narrow streets, park anywhere they like and then complain about getting a parking ticket.

Happy Hair said...

I dont need a new hair salon thanks
I am very happy with my existing
The Tops.
Cheam common rd.
They are a great bunch of girls.

Kathie said...

Worcester Park Blog is marvellous.

Hon. mensh to Munal restaurant. If you haven't been there yet, why not? It's run by ex-Ghurkas and it's very good.

Lesley Thompson said...

Oh my goodness, I have just laughed so much at some of these comments. The Papa Johns vs Colonel Sanders one especially! I have been reading the WPk blog in Worcester Park Life but tonight is the 1st time that I have read it online. Its fab and am now adding it to my favourites.

Worcester Park said...

Thanks Lesley! Hope you continue to enjoy the blog.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember Woolworths and the cinema in Central Road. Oh, and the lamp shade factory in longfellow? There used to be a sweet shop in longellow called Annie's. We used to take old lemonade bottles back for 2p!!! Also, remember when a helicopter crashed at the Water Works (now The Hamptons)

st phillip alleyer said...

yes i do and if you remember that i bet that u r approachiong 50 or just past it and probably live in or did browning ave,and i probably know you remember the sweetshop called tylers and the bakers called morleys

wendie said...

have just found ur blog. havin moved away many moons ago i thought wd see what was goin on up there... yes i remember morleys and the lampshade factory!! woolworths and the plough green! i now live in devon and will add u to my favs and keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

Having read the comment from Alex posted Sunday, January 25, 2009 11:47:00 PM I went to Nonsuch Park, and guess what I HAVE STRUCK GOLD!!!!!!
but I'm keeping it quiet in case the Charity shops get wind!!!!!!!!!!!

PS. If this site explained what a URL is I guess more idiots like me could choose to select it, basically I have no idea what it is?

Guest said...

mehj said...

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David Knight said...

Thanks Worcester Park Blog. Having moved up to Cambridgeshire last year after being a Worcester Park resident for over 40 years it's nice to still get the news and gossip from my old stomping ground. Please keep it up.

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