Saturday, 5 July 2008

Boxing Clever?

If you've ventured onto Central Road this weekend you'll no doubt have noticed these box junctions that have appeared by some of the feeder roads.

If early indications are anything to go by, this latest answer to the gridlock is going to be roundly ignored.

As I observed for a few minutes yesterday at the double-box junction conundrum that has appeared opposite Iceland and the Halifax, most drivers seemed oblivious to the new yellow markings and carried on obstructing them as normal.

The occasional driver seemed to heed then, whilst others took advantage of the central gap between the two boxes and drew to a halt in the middle of the road instead.

Looks like Monday's rush hour is going to be interesting.

I, for one, understand the basics of box junctions (don't enter until your exit is clear, unless you are waiting to turn right and are prevented from doing so by oncoming traffic) but quite how these are going to work is beyond me.

Are they meant to help traffic get off the feeder roads and onto Central Road? Or are they meant to prevent traffic coming off the feeder roads from blocking Central Road when making a right turn?

I am most confused.

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Michael said...

If the laws are adhered to then it might make a difference to the traffic going towards Cheam in the morning as the the roads are normally blocked from cars feeding into the Kingston jam. This will of course only make the queuing times for these drivers even longer.

And they want to add another 180+ houses to the Hamptons estate which will make things even worse!

I wonder how long it will be before some fool from the same approval council suggests that "Perhaps more traffic lights might help"!!!

Anonymous said...

This has to be the most rediculous road painting LBS has ever come up with. The half size box junction opposite Iceland is about as much use as a choc fireguard. The junction by Pizza Express is so large most of wembly stadium could fit in to it !.. I can only assume that these are part of some great green scheme to get us walking everywhere seeing as the traffic won't move at all with all the feeder roads being used as rat runs..
I'm just pleased I have the luxury of being able to walk to work.

Ian Morris said...

Can anyone explain the slight randomness of the box junctions? Why just longfellow and Washington road? What did brinkley, st. Phillips and caldbeck do to miss out on a box junction?

Janette said...

Is it because they all lead to Browning Avenue?

They will, however, help us poor non-LEZ residents get out of Windsor Road in the mornings with our polluting vehicles

Anonymous said...

spoke to the mayor today, he said that they don't run the roads in WCP, transport for london do, and the traffic lights.

Stephan said...

A person of a cynical nature could suggest this is a cash making excercise. Do any of the CCTV cameras point towards these boxes by any chance?

All they need to do is sort the lights near the bridge. Anyone remember the good ole days before the green lane lights? I don't remember any central road traffic back in them days.

Anonymous said...

I overheard people talking about the fines they had received already from these box junctions. Not sure whether they are enforced by the cameras though.

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