Thursday, 2 July 2009


The Worcester Park Blog was started in November 2005, and quietly forgotten about few months' later - only to be reborn and revitalised October 2007 with a bold ambition to write about everything that happens in what is easily the most exciting town anywhere between Old Malden and North Cheam.

Following a brief but unsuccessful period during which production of the blog was outsourced to Mumbai, the potentially-award-winning Worcester Park Blog is now produced entirely in the KT4 area using 100% recycled words.

The Worcester Park Blogger was born in the local area and educated. Briefly. He is married to his job and is a keen supporter and fundraiser for the town's many takeaways.

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Chimurenga-Charlie said...

Glad to see you've made the Worcester Park Life. Viva the WPB

Snowy said...

What is the story behind the baby falling out of a 2nd floor window in Brinkley Road?

Longella said...

I want to have a moan on this blog....can people with push bikes STOP riding on the pavement!!!! You can't hear the bike coming up behind you and I have witnessed one nasty collision which left a woman lying on the pavement hurt and shaken and two near collisions - one with me. Stay on the road it's too bl***y dangerous on the pavement.
rant over.

Anonymous said...

All this blog does is put Worcester Park Down!

You are the chav of the blogging world!

You tastelessly graffiti all the local businesses with your ridiculous sense of humour!

You're like the chav kid who breaks the windows and graffiti the walls of houses and businneses and harasses local people for one's own leisure.

It's true you've brought this foresaken blog to existance but you are using it to bring down worcester Park!

You have no respect!
All you do is ridicule every one and every thing! Be nice for crying out loud!

Your're just out here like a hawk looking for a prey to catch!

And you want to be heard on Radio 4 and Radio Jackie....shame on you and your blog.

Worcester Park would be a better place if this blog didn't exist!

Hope you understand and learn something!
If not there's going to be more & more people like me who will hate this blog!

Anonymous said...

Good to see the Hampton's glass house community is back in good spirits for the New Year...

Anonymous said...

the word 'stalker' springs to mind.

Barry Lane said...

Further to the comment by brave 'Anonymous', I think the blog is tremendous fun. It doesn't take itself too seriously, it's written well, it's informative, and it gets an audience. Be even better if they contributed a little more often.

Worcester Park said...

Thanks Barry!

Anonymous said...

Where's the interview with Gerry Jerome?

Worcester Park said...

Erm, it's in between the one with Marc Papadopoulos and the one with George Braun...

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