Friday, 6 June 2008

Virgin on the ridiculous

I and thousands of others in Worcester Park, New Malden, Sutton and Morden have just emerged from electronic oblivion thanks to a 27-hour outage on Virgin Media.

No digital TV and Internet for over a day? It's a miracle any of us survived intact. I for one shall be on the phone to the Bearded One's minions to ask for a day's credit. And I might mention why, as a former Telewest customer of 4 years' standing, I get punished for my loyalty by paying 50% more than brand new customers.

I might also ask that next time they come up with a better excuse than a builder digging through a cable.

Rant over.

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NS said...

I was near tears by 8pm the first day it was out and when it finally came back on I think I jolted the whole house with my jumping and dancing and celebrating. Sad, indeed. No internet and no phone for a little over a day almost had me weeping. In my defense though, I'm ill right now and so mostly housebound. I will say this though -- I now know exactly how many cracks and fine lines there are in my ceiling.

Ammonite said...

Hear, hear! But it made me go and read a book instead of zoning out in front of the TV!

Anonymous said...

I heard the outage was caused by an over enthusiastic Hamptons owner digging a moat around their castle... as long as there's not a draw-bridge that sounds a fine idea and well worth temporary loss of Virgin.

Janette said...

Telewest were the worst ever for customer service and Virgin Media is just them in disguise!! Best to stick with BT - at least you know they can be consistently bad and not just for 27 hours!

Anonymous said...

Luckily i was on holiday .But have heard service was down for 2/3 days.Has anyone applied for a refund ???????

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else noticed the slow / non existant broad band service over the weekends of the 12/13 and 19/20 july . Apparently they (Virgin)' are carrying out works ' but no mention is made on their telephone advice line .
Virgin really need to get their act together particularly with all the recent adverts.
If it happens to you get a REFUND . If it hurts them in the pocket they may start to provide a decent service.

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