Friday, 27 June 2008

Trading Places?

Being informed, educated and erudite in all matters, I'm sure you are aware that Worcester Park straddles the London boroughs of Sutton and Kingston, the railway bridge by the station being the boundary line between the two.

All of which goes to explain the problem of litter and pigeon mess building up underneath said bridge. Instead of picking up the litter, Sutton Council workers simply sweep it two metres further west so it becomes Kingston Council's problem. Sutton Council workers have also been spotted running under the bridge in the dead of night and flapping wildly, causing the startled pigeons to flap over to Kingston Council's side of the bridge and defecate out of fright.

Actually, I made that up. But it does feel sometimes that Worcester Park is the town that Sutton Council would rather forget and would quite happily sweep a few hundred yards to the west and out of the Borough altogether.

Which (but for the higher council tax in Kingston) might actually be a good thing - at least for the traders of Worcester Park who get a fat lot of support from Sutton Council.

A few weeks ago I was quite critical of the Worcester Park Traders' Association for doing, well, very little to speak up for the traders of Worcester Park as they battle tirelessly against increasing rents, crippling traffic and the unstoppable scourge of empty retail units and charity shops along Central Road.

Terry Dobbs Chairman of the Worcester Park Traders Association (pictured) got in touch recently to give his right of reply:

"We are as active as funds and councils allow us to be.

Until last year I represented the traders on the Worcester Park Forum - then the Council in their wisdom decided that the Traders were not important enough to be there, deciding that friends of parks and a local playground were more deserving."

Despite efforts from the other members and 2 Councillors, this remains the case."

Yes, you did read that correctly - the Worcester Park traders are no longer represented on the Worcester Park Forum (Sutton Council's local area committee and a forum for discussion of all issues relevant to the area). The residents are included. So are representatives of local churches and other community groups - and quite rightly so, as they are all important pieces in the jigsaw of our local community.

But under what lunacy did they take it upon themselves to exclude the voice the traders of Worcester Park - the lifeblood of our local area?

In the meantime, I'm quite sure you'll be do your bit to support the traders of Worcester Park even if Sutton Council doesn't.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to correct you mr blogger but you did say you were educated and informed, the trainline isn't actually the boundary, I live on the Worcester park high street side of the bridge but am actually a Kingston resident. I think the boundary is actually the hogsmill river. If I am not mistaken aren't residents of the avenue in the borough of Epsom and Ewell? Sorry to be a Pedant, but lets not forget that Worcester Parkites are not all Sutton residents

Worcester Park said...
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Worcester Park said...

Sorry, Mr Reader, but I am right.

Look at Streemap at,165750&st=4&ar=N&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf&ax=522500&ay=166059

You can clearly see the blue shaded boundary of the boroughs, the bridge by the station being the boundary. Only further north, towards The Hamptons, does the Hogsmill form the boundary.

You're right, though, that The Avenue crew are in Epsom & Ewell.

It's all so confusing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Blogger, In relation to my previous e-mail I did say that the trainline wasn't the boundary, as the bridge overlaps pretty much where the hogsmill runs, but anyway my point is spwaned more from jealousy than anything else. I pay more council tax than people 5 houses away, don't get 2 nice wheelie bins, won't be in the catchment area of the prefferred schools and I think that there should be some news about the Kingston and Epsom and Ewell parts of Worcester Park on your worcester park blog, so there :-p

The_Parkerilla said...

The Hogsmill River? Now I really am confused! You're both referring to Beverley Brook.


The Parkerilla

Janette said...

What catchment area for preferred schools? I didnt think WP (Sutton) was in ANY catchment area for ANY school! You certainly can't get into Cheam High if you live on the non-LEZ side of Central Road.

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