Wednesday, 11 June 2008

This is not a blog post

I've decided you've had things a little too easy of late when it comes to getting your fix of The Worcester Park Blog.

So I'm not putting my latest article online for your enjoyment - instead you will have to venture into Worcester Park and grab your free copy of 'Worcester Park Life' - the brand new magazine dedicated to all things KT4.

You'll find the first monthly column from the Worcester Park Blog and plenty more besides in the inaugral edition of the magazine which you can pick up from:

  • Worcester Park Library

  • Police Office

  • John James

  • Mr Ink

  • One Stop Party Shop

Oh, and there's money-off vouchers for Worcester Park shops in there as well, which can't be bad.

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Grant said...

Well I think they've missed a trick by not putting it in one of the 478 charity shops!!!!! Circulation would go through the roof.

Anonymous said...

I received a copy through my letterbox

Ammonite said...

I got mine through the letterbox. Interesting history article in there. Good luck with the magazine.

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