Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Stroperty Ladder

OK, OK, blog readers. I get the message- you don't like estate agents.

Judging by recent comments you have posted here it is clear that there is little love lost between the people of Worcester Park and their friendly local estate agencies.

There is a fine line between fair comment and libel, so I'm afraid I had to remove half a dozen of your choicer comments - and until I can afford decent lawyers will continue to do so.

Meanwhile, if I may change the tone somewhat The Brinkster has posted some sad news today about the sudden death of a popular Worcester Park trader who will be greatly missed. Great shame.

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The Brinkster said...

Time for a poll!?!? At least that wouldn't have any comments ;)

Anonymous said...

So much for free speech. This blog and censorship go hand in hand.

Anonymous said...

Anyone would think YOU were an estate agent WP.

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