Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Sofa so bad

In these tough economic times, I'm sure we are all on the lookout for a bargain. So how about a free three-piece suite?

One Worcester Park resident is offering a wonderful sofa free of charge to a good home on eBay- and boy do they give it their best sales pitch:

"The suite itself was brought by a family member who ran a pub in the 60's - she had the Beatles coming in for lunch when they played at the Wimbledon Appollo and brought the suite for that.

It has since stayed in the family and has been recovered four times. It's in great condition and is very high quality. "

Sadly it all falls apart (the sales pitch and, quite possibly, the sofa) when you scroll down to the picture of this masterpiece:

If that's a recovered sofa, I'd be curious to know exactly what is was recovering from. Still, if the fancy still takes you and you'd like a free sofa then you'll find the eBay listing here.

Failing that, I reckon it would make the perfect addition to the abandoned Drury & Cole shop/museum on Central Road:

Anyone want to give me a hand carrying it there?