Friday, 20 June 2008

Media Frenzy?

The Sutton Guardian's piece on the curfew imposed on social housing tenants in The Hamptons has made the national media - and so I found myself on the phone to a researcher from BBC Radio 5 Live this morning after a hurried e-mail asking for somebody to appear on the Midday News and talk about the furore.

Sadly (I am burning my licence fee right now in protest) they didn't put me on the programme in the end - but there is an interview with a representative from Thames Valley Housing Association. You can listen to the interview here (it's about 20 mins in).

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Adrian Short said...

It's good to see this being picked up by the national media (and The Times yesterday, as you pointed out.) But where is the furore? The most worrying thing about the curfew is that very few people seem at all bothered by it.

Anonymous said...

Because the curfew is pointless and doesn't affect the people we need to be 'worried' about.

We are all as bad as each other but living in Boscombe Road I personally can vouch for the descent of the road into chaos since the 'Hamptons' opened. As I sit here now, at midnight, there's a car outside with music blaring, thank you considerate driver, you have, once again, woken my baby we just managed to settle.

It's a shame that people all have to be so mean to each other, myself included. The comments on a previous post are shocking, no wonder people don't like socialising with their neighbours nowadays if that's how we all act towards each other.

Captain America said...
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