Sunday, 8 June 2008

For the flower man

With an irony that I like to hope would have made him smile, some flowers have been left outside Eves Florist (next to Cuppaholic) in memory of Joe Bright, who passed away last weekend.

I and thousands of other commuters would hurry past him each morning as we dashed to begin the daily grind of city life, and would pass him again as we struggled home wearily in the late afternoon.

There was always, I thought, something enviably peaceful and simple about his life in this tiny corner (literally) of Worcester Park - a fixture on the local scene for 40 years.

One of the bunches of flowers left outside the door to his shop sums up the sentiments of many, I am sure. The card inside is addressed simply to Joe 'The Flower Man' and signed 'from a Worcester Park Resident'.

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Anonymous said...

As I said on Brinkster's blog, I was one of his last customer's on Friday night. He was preparing to close, but his usual self, helpful and friendly. We always bought our flowers here - he will be sorely missed. God bless him.

Ammonite said...

I too was sad to read the notice on the flower shop. Like many others I passed him almost every day on the way home from work and he always had a smile. Another one of the nice guys gone. My condolences to his family and friends.

Anonymous said...

I live in Selsey after moving from Worcester Park in 2000, and Ive just read the news about Joe with a heavy heart. Im so sad to read of his passing, I only saw him a couple of months ago when I last came up home. And Im so glad I went in to see him, to have a chat and a hug. I have been buying my flowers from him for many many years and he was always a breath of fresh air. He was a true gentleman.
God Bless Joe.

Vijeffs said...

it is 4 years tomorrow since joe bright sadly passed away. joe you are so missed

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