Saturday, 7 June 2008

Charity Begins At Once

As Worcester Park emits a collective groan of despondency at the inevitable arrival of Yet Another Bloody Charity Shop, this e-mail from Grant did make me chuckle:

"I had to let you know that as I was coming home from work tonight I passed the British Heart Foundation Charity Shop.

The place hasn’t finished being refurbished yet, let alone been opened but someone had left a carrier bag of clothes outside it.

This place makes me laugh. Carry on Worcester Park!!!!!!"

Ahh, the people of KT4. They're just all heart....

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yt said...

The charity shops are all very well, but it's a shame they can't each specialise in a different product.

Why can't one purely focus on second hand books, one deal in music, and another for clothes?

If I'm after a pikey second hand book with a generous dollop of snot between the pages, I have to walk into all 72 charity shops to browse for my perfect choice.

This is inefficient! And I obviously have better things to do with my day, like browse the seasonal shop and read this blog.

Anon said...

After a browse and usually a large purchase in the seasonal shop, I head off to the Huntsman, a fight breaks out 'cause the chavs all want my seasonal shop goods. After protecting my property and partaking in copious amounts of alcohol I then head off to KFC for my daily feast. A quick detour into Heatherlea Grove for a large dump then safely back to the peaceful surroundings of Browning Ave. In the morning I remember "How sad and bad and mad it was - / But then, how it was sweet"

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