Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Central Rude?

There is much speculation on this blog and elsewhere that a branch of the adult shop 'Pillow Talk' is looking to open in Worcester Park selling lingerie, adult toys and all manner of naughtiness. In KT4? Surely not.

Rumours have it that it is looking to open in place of the defunct 'TV & Video Clinic' - but is smut and titillation really about to arrive in Central Road?

Crucially, Pillow Talk are licensed premises (the kind that would make Ann Summers blush with embarassment). A search with Sutton Council has revealed no current licence applications from Pillow Talk - nor are there any postings of licence application outside the proposed premises or in the local press (as required by law).

Furthermore, a 'Shop To Let' notice went up recently in the window of the former TV Clinic, so it looks as if no taker has been found for that outlet - besides with most of their existing shops in larger towns, Worcester Park would seem a strange choice of location to sustain a shop like Pillow Talk.

However, what did make me chuckle during my online research into 'Pillow Talk' was this letter of objection to the licence renewal of one of their existing stores. You can feel the fear of 'Outraged of Reigate' as he writes:

"My Family and I object to its re-licensing on the grounds:-

1 This kind of sex shop could encourage a Soho type “Red Light District” where prostitution and drugs could end up, London is trying hard to move its bad Soho image into Redhill town, and so bring crime to this area.

2. Redhill could be “downgraded” to a cheap dirty smutty area which could encourage wrong types as in 1, to move in “gradually and without thought” to other peoples wishes.

3. The sex shop gives the impression that it offers a service but this should be kept to mail order catalogues in the privacy of ones home. What the shop actually does is, it degrades Redhill, as a Town. It also degrades women younger women and these young girls who may think that they are simply sex objects as portrayed in some Soho nightclubs.

6. I have a daughter who is now married. This type of shop actually is offensive to the women. Is this the type of environment we want our younger daughters to live in? What would they be thinking about such shops? How would they view themselves as girls, young ladies/women?

7. Redhill’s future is bright and is improving. Let Redhill compete with such places as Crawley mall where their shop types are very good and it is all under cover (by the way there are too many mobile phone shops in Redhill Belfry) let’s see something else apart from mobile phone shops and Pillow Talk Sex Shop. UPGRADE REDHILL, Redhill must change for the better or it will go on a decline and end up like London Soho. It’s RedHILL not RedLIGHT District.

So, that's that. I for one shall be writing an immediate pre-emptive letter of objection to Sutton Council as I for one wouldn't want the wrong types moving in to Worcester Park moving in gradually and without thought to others' wishes.

It's time we all took a stand before Worcester Park, like Redhill, becomes over-run with prostitution, drugs and mobile phone shops.