Thursday, 19 June 2008

Anti-social housing?

With no sign of an end to the mud-slinging (57 heated comments and counting) I fear that fuel has been added to the fire by the front page of today's Sutton Guardian which reports on the 9pm curfew imposed on the residents of The Hamptons social housing.

Ironic, when you consider that the debate raging on this blog really boils down to class-warfare and snobbery at the residents of this new development. But it's OK, apparently, so long as the less well-off kids are safely indoors by 21:00.

Ironically, when the Sutton Guardian contacted me about this earlier in the week I replied that I hadn't heard of such a curfew order and doubted it would exist, as The Hamptons is hardly a hot-spot of local crime. Just goes to show that I don't quite know everything that goes on in KT4 (scary, I know).

If you read the article carefully you will note that the curfew is now quite a curfew - it's not legally binding but is just a 'statement of intent' to set the ground rules for acceptable behaviour.

Now I could write more about the ethics of this or the sheer class and age discrimination that this agreement smacks of - but fortunately Adrian Short has already done this in an excellently argued blog posting which he's e-mailed me to tell me about. You can it read it here (I urge you to do so).