Thursday, 19 June 2008

Anti-social housing?

With no sign of an end to the mud-slinging (57 heated comments and counting) I fear that fuel has been added to the fire by the front page of today's Sutton Guardian which reports on the 9pm curfew imposed on the residents of The Hamptons social housing.

Ironic, when you consider that the debate raging on this blog really boils down to class-warfare and snobbery at the residents of this new development. But it's OK, apparently, so long as the less well-off kids are safely indoors by 21:00.

Ironically, when the Sutton Guardian contacted me about this earlier in the week I replied that I hadn't heard of such a curfew order and doubted it would exist, as The Hamptons is hardly a hot-spot of local crime. Just goes to show that I don't quite know everything that goes on in KT4 (scary, I know).

If you read the article carefully you will note that the curfew is now quite a curfew - it's not legally binding but is just a 'statement of intent' to set the ground rules for acceptable behaviour.

Now I could write more about the ethics of this or the sheer class and age discrimination that this agreement smacks of - but fortunately Adrian Short has already done this in an excellently argued blog posting which he's e-mailed me to tell me about. You can it read it here (I urge you to do so).

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socialrealism_rules said...

What about the ethics of your comments on Browning Ave? Smacks of sheer classism and disgusting bile filled hatred. Don't try to take the moral high ground. You are the worst kind of hyprocrite. Let me refresh your memory "BROWNING AVENUE:
Otherwise known as Chav alley. ASBO's preferred (but not essential). A frequent trouble-area for antisocial behaviour. Sofas dumped in front gardens and dangly Christmas lights left draped on houses all year round. Euugh.."

Worcester Park said...

The difference is that Browning Avenue IS a known problem area for anti-social behaviour. It woudldn't feature so frequently in the Worcester Park Safer Neighbourhood's bulletins if it wasn't the case.

There has been no indication of anti-social behaviour being a problem with the social housing at The Hamptons. Whereas in Browning Avenue the problems are well known and a matter of record.

So I don't think it's hypocritical at all to moan about the ethics of imposting a curfew on a non-troublesome area whilst a known hotspot for anti-social behaviour has no such conditions.

socialrealism_rules said...

You obviously believe everything you read and hear. I live there, so am qualified to talk about it. We have a lot of elderly people who are well looked after by their neighbours, in fact there is a very good community spirit. There are chavs all over Worcester Park that is a sad fact of modern day life. Your bigoted and divisive comments don't help resolve anything they just smack of smug superiority. By the way learn the definition of irony cause you obviously haven't grasped the meaning of it.

Worcester Park said...

Well, unless the police are lying I am prepared to believe them. Plus I never said there were no good residents in Browning Avenue.

I completely understand the concept of irony. Only my wife does it all - I'm no good at it, and my shirts always end up just as creased.

Anonymous said...

Even "The Times" ran an article today:

Fifth article down...

Anonymous said...

I think it would be best if all under 16s are just stoned to death if they are unaccompanied by an adult after 9pm and before 6.30am, admittedly its a little harsh but then I am in my 30s so it doesn't affect me. Just in case anyone is wondering "yes this should apply outside of the Hamptons as well and not just to poor children"

Captain America said...
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Ian Morris said...

I think a lot of the kids that are out after 9.00 are generally stoned!

Anonymous said...

Funny enough my children were actually stoned by the children living in the social for no reason. This happened well before 9.00 pm and with me accompanying them. They also shout constant abuse to other children who now feel very uncomfortable going to the park to play (a park that should be for "ALL" to enjoy, however paid by the Hamptons Residents...??) so I dont think that the curfew will make a huge difference. A few lessons in respecting others would be far more beneficial.
More often are the ones over 16s that cause the problems and this curfew does not apply to them.

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