Wednesday, 28 May 2008

You must be choking?

Hurry hurry hurry - you have just three days left to choose the scab that you would like to see flicked off the skin of Worcester Park forever (i.e. the Monthly Poll on your right).

I've had an email from a blog reader suggesting that Rumours Wine Bar be added as one of the choices. Unfortunately this is not ITV, so things can't be fiddled once once voting is underway. Besides, I've never really thought of Rumours as that much of a blot on our suburban landscape.

Personally I think it's great that the we have an al-fresco drinking experience in Worcester Park so locals can sit out in the evening sun and pretend to be at a pavement cafe in the Costa Brava whilst gulping down lungfuls of carbon monoxide from the traffic thundering along Central Road.

Well, it is on the High Emissions Zone side of Worcester Park after all.

Now get voting whilst you still can.