Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Worcester Source

I receive a steady stream of e-mails - usually looking to me as the Oracle of all things Worcester Park and expecting me to fit into my hectic schedule the time to respond to their requests for information on the opening times of Waitrose, or to find out on their behalf whether The Worcester Park Tavern serve food on a Sunday evening.

Other e-mails are more interesting - tip offs from my network of reliable sources about events and scandals in Worcester Park. More of those please, ladies and gents...

Then there are the monumentally mis-directed:

"My name's Caroline and I work for iCrossing and we’re trying to help Swinton Insurance be more interesting!

I’ve got a great press release that I thought might be perfect for your blog. It’s all about Worcestershire people and who they’d like to be stuck in traffic with over the bank holiday weekend – unsurprisingly it’s a rugby star! I’d love it if you could give it a read and let me know your opinion.

Being honest, I’d also love it if you could write about it on your blog….but if you’re irritated that I’ve contacted you in this way please let me know and I’ll never contact you again!"

To be honest Caroline, I'm not irritated at all - just amazed that your cunning PR insight (how much are Swinton Insurance paying you for this?) failed to pick up on the fact that Worcester Park is in Surrey and has nothing to do with Worcestershire. The clue is in the blog title.

(P.S. The answer is Jonny Wilkinson. The question is does anyone care?)