Saturday, 24 May 2008

Worcester Park Finds Its Voice!

A few days ago, I leaped onto my electronic soap box to bemoan the fact that there is nobody standing up and promoting the Worcester Park traders, nobody beating the drum for the hard working local businesses that are the lifeblood of our locality - in short, nobody (bar my humble self) acting as the voice of Worcester Park.

Well now it appears that Worcester Park is indeed about to find its voice. Those adventurous souls who have traveled to New Malden may be familiar with 'Village Voice', a hugely popular local magazine for the KT3 area, packed with local features, articles and information and a unique platform for businesses of all sizes to promote themselves to a truly local audience.

The great news is that the concept is being rolled out to the KT4 area, with Worcester Park getting its very own magazine in just a few weeks' time. I met up with the Jenny Stuart, the driving force behind the publication, as she pounded the streets of Worcester Park getting more local advertisers on board ahead of the launch of the first magazine next month.

Take a peak at the New Malden magazine's website and you will get an idea of what is in store for our own town. The working title for the magazine is the 'Worcester Park Whisper', and you can see the website under development at

The really exciting news (OK, well exciting for myself anyway) is that The Worcester Park Blog will be making the bold leap onto the printed page, with a monthly column in the magazine.

In the meantime, if you are a local business large or small then don't miss the chance to reach your local audience in the very first edition of the Worcester Park magazine - you have until the middle of next week to sign up (and as a special launch offer you can get one month's advertising free if you sign up for three months or more).

To find out more, visit, call 020 8605 1380 or email