Thursday, 1 May 2008

Poll of polls

Voting apartheid was in full operation at Green Lane Polling Station today - with Sutton Voters (woo yay!) and Kingston Voters (boo hiss boo) shepherded through separate doors into the school hall, and left to exchange menacing glances over the makeshift barrier of school benches that divided the room in two.

But as the votes continue to be case in the 'Ken -v- The Clown -v- The Other One' contest, voting closed in our monthly poll of the best watering hole in Worcester Park.

And the results are:

1st Place: The Worcester Park Tavern (35%)
2nd Place: CAZBAR (22%)
3rd Place: The North End Tavern (15%)
4th Place: The Hunstmans Hall (3%) [Why so many??]
5th Place: The Gamecock (5%)
6th Place: Hogsmill Tavern (6%)
7th Place: The Drill (4%)
8th Place: The Plough (4%)
9th Place: Rumours Wine Bar (0%)

April being over and done with, May's Monthly Poll gives you the chance to pluck the wart of your choice from the otherwise perfectly manicured feet of Worcester Park.

So get voting for the most annoying bit of Worcester Park that you would like to see obliterated forever more. Come friendly bombs and fall on:

- Browning Avenue
- The Hunstman's Hall
- The Hamptons
- Charity shops

Get voting on the 'Monthly Poll' on the right. You have until the end of May!