Monday, 26 May 2008

Papa Don't Teach

I ventured into Papa John's the other evening - not for a moment because I'd swallowed their advertising guff about better ingredients making better pizza, but because blogging duty dictates that I should try (almost) everything locally at least once.

Besides, Mrs WP was hungry and starting to whine and knaw at the furniture.

So off I went and browsed through the disappointing menu of just 12 varieties of pizza - opting for a medium pizza at at £13.99.

Only after I had coughed up (the cash, not the pizza) did I spy that under the Early Week Special 'any pizza, any size' should be £9.99. I politely asked if I could pay the £9.99 for an extra large, rather than the £13.99 they had charged me for a medium.

All hell broke loose and within moments virtually all of the 13 staff working there (that's one specialist in each variety of pizza plus one supervisor, I'm assuming) seemed to be in active discussion of my request. Clearly a request of this complexity had not been addressed at the Papa John's Training Academy.

A committee was convened, which after several minutes and much annoyance to the growing queue behind me had granted my request and I sat for ten minutes (under a sign telling me that CCTV is in operation in all areas of Choices Video) whilst my masterpiece was prepared.

Who says there's no entertainment in Worcester Park?