Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Browning Points

An e-mail of complaint arrived today (to be expected given the topic of the current monthly poll) which deserves an airing, in the interests of free speech. Mark writes:

Having read your blog for nearly a year and found it, at times, interesting, and occasionally, witty, you have at last stirred me enough to send you a mail.

As a resident of Browning Avenue for two years (without sofa in garden or dangly christmas lights attached to house) I think you ought to look more carefully at your own street, and be reminded of the adage that people in glass houses etc etc.

In my time in WP I must say that I haven't noticed that the residents of Brinkley were able to enjoy the trappings of an exclusive private gated street, and able to comfort themselves on the moral and snobbish high ground, but hey, you learn something new every day, lest you forget that Brinkley does actually join with Browning Avenue.

It may also be of surprise to your 'esteemed' self that the stigmatisation of the WP 'yut' is a tad on the over-exuberant, they could be a lot worse. For one who blows the trumpet of WP and is quick to disparage those who wish to attach themselves to Cheam i.e Drill campaign of late, it would appear that, you are indeed sir, a hypocrite.

Blog feed will be switched off in protest.

Well, firstly, I don't live in Brinkley Avenue - I think you're confusing me with The Brinkster. And secondly I don't live in glass house (you have to weigh up the benefits of easy seed germination against the total loss of privacy) but the fact remains that yoof who gather in Browning Avenue do throw sufficient stones to warrant regular mentions in the Metropolitan Police Safer Neighbourhood Team's bulletins on crime and anti-social behaviour in Worcester Park.

Granted, it is not on a par with the mean streets of Beirut but everything is relative. Besides, its inclusion was merely a suggestion on my part - it is up to the people of Worcester Park to decide which area of Worcester Park to banish forever. Should you feel that Browning Avenue is being unfairly picked on, then don't forget that The Hamptons are also in the running to be destroyed (so snobbery - inverted or otherwise - plays nor part in the inclusion in the poll).

To your final point, I don't believe that blowing the trumpet of Worcester Park to be in any way incompatible with disparaging its less salubrious parts.

But credit where credit is due - that you took the time to e-mail in defence of Browning Avenue is noted and appreciated.

Now it's over to the people of Worcester Park to decide on the fate of Browning Avenue.

P.S: Am I really only at times interesting and occasionally witty? I hang my head in shame.
P.P.S: If I am only occasionally interesting and witty, what kept you reading the blog for a year?
P.P.P.S: The blog has only been going for 6 months

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Andy said...

Ha ha ha, that's a great letter and made me think again about where my vote would go. Duly switched from The Hamptons to Browning Avenue.

Ian Morris said...

Could the annoying traffic lights be included in your pole of the part of WP to be obliterated? Surly a huge crater would be much more efficient than what is currently there.

The Brinkster said...

Heheh! Someone mistook you for me. Excellent!! I thought the picture of the "Brinkley Road" street sign at the top of my blog was the giveaway clue.

I think I ought to blog something outrageous and blame it on you ;)

Ian Morris said...

Anyone noticed that as you enter Browning avenue by car down by longfellow that their radio reception goes a bit odd?

Worcester Park said...

Are you sure it's not just the radio being nicked?

Anonymous said...

Just seen your blog and hopefully your readers can help.

I am now living in Canada but have a property in Worcester Park and lived there from 01 to 07.

The property was rented out by Knightwood Estates on Central road. Unfortunately the owner was collecting the rent from our tennats but not paying us.

We have since moved our business to Coopers, however we are trying to recover a sizeable sum from Knightwood estates

I understand the place has closed this week and no one is answering calls.

Does anyone know what is happening? Has anyone else been caught up with this rogue agent?

The Brinkster said...

I was about to post about the demise of Knoghtwood Estates on my blog but here will do. You are right in that they have shut up shop this week. Yours is around the third story I've heard of them not being entirely honest with either landlords or tenants and my recommendation would be, for any Knightwood Estates victim, to report it to the police so that they can start investigating them (if they're not already) on 020 8643 1212.

Anonymous said...

Please post it on your blog, it is the news and events of worcester park

lozza1955 said...

I once lived in Browning Avenue, many years ago. Recently I was looking at it on google street maps and was quite disgusted by the state of it. A once tidy street now looks unkempt. Houses had their own fences or hedges but no there seems to be none of these. There were quite a few characters who lived in Browning Avenue but it looks like a tip and lived in by people who dont care. After years of wishing I can go back there I have now changed my mind. I am so glad that I have my memories.and no longer wish to visit as if the pictures are any thing to go by it would break my heart and destroy the memories of the place that was my childhood and a place that I was proud of.

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