Friday, 25 April 2008

Putting Worcester Park on the map?

The OpenStreetMap project arriving in Worcester Park next month and they need your help. They'll be walking around the area adding street names, libraries, pubs, playgrounds, parks, allotments and a whole host of other details to their map.

So what's the point when the web is awash with GoogleMaps, Streetmap and others? Well, OpenStreetMap is different - think of it as the Wikipedia of the map world. The data and the map images are available to everyone to use for free, so long as you credit the community when using them. Just like Wikipedia. anyone can add to them, so you can make the maps you want without the hassle or expense.

The project are making maps for cyclists, bus or car club users; maps showing where to buy local food; maps for heritage trails in Sutton. Once all the basic data is inputted, they can make maps of anything easily!

Want to get involved?

They will be running workshops at 11am and 2pm for newcomers at Worcester Park Libary on Saturday 24th May and experienced mappers will be around to help you hit the streets and gather some data.

You can visit the OpenMap project here - and as you can see, the data available for Worcester Park is sparse to say the least, so a few hours of your help tomorrow will help put Worcester Park on the map. Literally.

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Anonymous said...

see surrey comet - armed robbery attempted at Abbey National on Central Road this morning,

Tom said...

Hi, you can see the planning info and download a poster here:

Thanks for the mention!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if any body can help me?? My nan beryl lived in worcester park and left 17 yrs ago....she recently passed away and I'm trying to get in touch with an old friend whose parents lived next door.
I'm pretty sure it was pembroke avenue? My friend is called nicky he had a sister called fay, and a dad step dad called ray! He was an Elvis inpersonator if my memory is correct. I would very much Luke to make contact with this family, so anybody who thinks they may be able to help that would be great x

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