Sunday, 6 April 2008

It's Snowing

Snow in April? Who cares - an excuse for us all to revert to our child-like states and get as excited as Amy Winehouse at the arrival of a little white powder.

Worcester Park received a good dusting of it this morning, so here for your enjoyment are some unseasonal snaps of our fair town in the springtime snow.

Robin outside Worcester Park Atheltic Club

Snowman on Malden Green

Train tracks at Worcester Park Station

Malden Green turns Malden White...

Worcester Park bus stop

The Hunstmans Hall

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Anonymous said...

What nice pictures, everywhere looks so good with a skittering of snow.

Notice that the 'taggers' have been having a go outside the Huntsman. Why doesn't the landlord paint over it?

Worcester Park said...

No point painting over it. Bulldozing the place would be a far better (and more permanent) solution. Preferably to be done whilst the pub is full of the regulars...

Anonymous said...

I always thought it would be a good idea to knock down the Huntsman so a roundabout could be put in & we could do away with the traffic lights & get the cars moving through Worcester Park again ! what do you think ? Any other ideas for radical road improvements ? Great blog by the way, always check you & the Brinkster out most days.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the photo's, I flew to Tenerife on the Sunday and missed seeing all the wonderful sights in WP! Lol.

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