Monday, 21 April 2008

The flying anoraks

The peace of a Worcester Park afternoon was shattered today by the thudding overhead of a noisy and low-flying helicopter circling the lower areas of Central Road.

Surely it was too early for the rioting to have broken out at The Huntsman? Surely Prince William doesn't have a girlfriend living in Worcester Park?

The mystery needed solving, so I quite brazenly whipped out my long lens - and lo and behold if it wasn't a Network Rail helicopter scouring the skies of our home town.

This, I am assuming, is their hi-tech response to the chav problem around Worcester Park's rail lines. It's nice to know that Network Rail are chucking all the resources of hoodie-seeking helicopters at the problem - although those of you dodging the pigeon poop whilst waiting for your perennially delayed train service from Worcester Park might be forgiven for questioning their expenditure on this little escapade.

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Anonymous said...

At around lunch time today. The huntsman was surrounded by police cars and two ambulances. Paramedics were giving first aid to a guy sitting on a pub chair outside by the garden. At first glance i thought this was a road trafic incident but there was also a security patrol van in attendance. It gave me the impression it might have been a fight taken outside.

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