Friday, 4 April 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Rail Stupidity


Worcester Park's finest have really outdone themselves tonight in a mindless act of vandalism.

A group of teens (probably moved on from KFC) decided to hurl a bike onto the train tracks around 9.30 this evening, which promptly melted onto the live rail knocking all South West train services through Worcester Park into total chaos.

Let's hope the chavs responsible for this dangerous disruption are rounded up, and then we can all gather round as they get chucked onto the tracks and have their tongue-studs welded to the live rail.

(P.S. Could this be the work of the same oiks who pinched this bike from Worcester Park station recently? Could there be a future for me in policing this Worcester Park crime wave..?)

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Julie at Virtual Nexus said...

Thanks for the comment on mine, and good to see the WP blog.

Can't remember now who gave us the information, as we knew a few folk who were interested in local history, but the oak stump is the one close to the entrance to what is - or was - the farm entrance next to Worcester Park Station, on the left hand side as you face the buildings. I remember it as being fairly overgrown a few years back.
Hope that's of some help.

Anonymous said...

Same old story....why don't the police patrol these train station hot spots?? Every evening without fail in the holiday period - Worcester Park, Ewell West and Ashtead are infested of chavvy thugs. They hang around, drink booze, smoke spliffs, intimidate other rail customers, swear and cause a hell of a lot of devastation and destruction along the way. I suspect that the police would rather nick a motorist than take on a group of anti-social inbred chavs and chavettes.


Anonymous said...

the police have never been good in worcester park, the police station is never open and ther the kids do not have any respect for the police and the police have no respect for the kids. they just put them under trouble maker chavs (not saying some of them arnt) but some of them are just kids that have nowhere to go!!!

Anonymous said...

I am in favour of a "final solution" for the Chav problem in Worcester Park. I am aware that the White trash or trailer trash (as the Americans call it) is multiplying. What I cannot understand is why young white girls and boys think its glamorous to imitate black hoodies from the council estates of Southeast and Northeast London.
I propose a draconian zero tolerance system of vigilantes to take on the Chav scum.

Anonymous said...

Our top 8 solutions to Worcester Park's problems :

1. close KFC
2. close parts of Browning Avenue
3. open a local chav zoo to allow us decent folk to taunt these youths in the same manner to which we have had to become accustomed
4. open a new SAS training base at the train station with hoodies used for live training
5. replace the promposed central road ( tarmac ) speed restrictions with 'sleeping hoodies'
6. Ban fireworks ( except when at the zoo and pointing directly towards the cage )
7. bring back policemen on the beat. by definition of policemen, we mean 6'4 grumpy men weilding a baton, who does not have to fill in reports for every 11 year old who spits at him.
8. Full relocation of the megalomanic parking attendant........ we all know who the young hobbit is !!!

Rob said...

Im 15 and have just moved in at The Hamptons. Worcester Park does seem to be crawling with kids my age, but they are not all the same. We do not all smoke cannabis and drink alcohol on the streets, and we are not all anti-social. I say you should all stop stero-typing, and having a go at the youths. After all, you were probably the same at our age. Let the youth enjoy their age. And maybe giv us something better to do, then we wouldn't be hanging around the streets. The youth problem falls back on the adult generation, and mainly the government. GIVE US PLACES TO GO AND WE WON'T BE HANGING AROUND OUTSIDE SHOPS AND TRAIN STATIONS. Makes sense doesn't it? However this does not give the youth the right to throw bikes onto the train track. I use the trains VERY regulary and if my train was held up due to a group of people being stupid, i wouldn't be very happy. Therefore i understand that you are unhappy with these IDIOTIC kids. But come on, give us a chance to do something beter with our time, and maybe your problems will slowly be solved.

The Parkerilla said...

Methinks the young man doth protest too much.

Worcester Park said...

Oi, Parkerilla, leave it out. Methinks Rob is the voice of responsible youth. If only more 15 yr olds thought like him and expressed themselves by him perhaps we wouldn't be faced with gum-chewing knuckle-dragging hoodie-hiding teens annoying the feck out of people near KFC and splattering the pavement with manky chewing gum from their rancid little gobs.

Just my opinion, of course.

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