Thursday, 3 April 2008

Arse Kickin' Good

It's nice to see the Safer Neighbourhoods team are doing their bit to uphold law and order in Worcester Park. In relation to the ongoing problems of anti-social behaviour outside KFC in Central Road, they report that:

"..on 12th January we took one youth, who had been causing problems at the KFC, to the police station where his parents were called to collect him."

Gosh. You can picture the chavs quaking in their Ugg boots at that one. I wonder if he got a clip round the ear and sent to bed with no Bargain Bucket?

I suspect, though, that it's more to do with the lack of powers available to the police than the lack of will to tackle these oiks.
Browning Avenue (on the border of The Hamptons development) seems to be a trouble-spot as well, according to the team's reports of nuisance noise and vandalism - is it really that bad around there?