Friday, 18 April 2008

All hail the power of the blog!


It is, ladies and gentlemen, the very sweetest of victories for The Worcester Park Blog.

In a hushed but nonetheless momentous electronic climbdown, The Drill public house have buckled under the weight of wrath unleashed by this blog and amended their website to read:

...and after

They are, therefore, to be welcomed back into the bosom of Worcester Park and their votes received in the Monthly Poll shall stand.

All hail the power of the blog. Is it too late to run for London Mayor?

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The Brinkster said...

"Fu***n' A", as Samuel L Jackson might say!

Good job WP!

NS said...

You should look into becoming a professional lobbyist, you're good!

Anonymous said...

any chance you could use your new found super powers to move the huntsman to north cheam???
in anticipation
the top end of washington

Jennifer said...

Now that really would be something amazing...

Anonymous said...

North Cheam closed it's last fight arena and call me a nimby, but moving the huntsman up and over the hill would be far too close to me. It should stay firmly rooted at the bottom of the hill thank you.

Anonymous said...

Since the Queen Victoria closed, all the nutters, football supporting chavs, low lifes etc. have moved onto Tones and the Huntsman. If you support any other football club apart from Chelsea, Tones is not the place for you. The Queen Vic and the Huntsman used to both Mr Q's pubs ala ultra cheap promotions on lagers, shots and greasy chips! So, if the Huntsman was to close, the nutters, low lifes would just descend onto another pub in the vicinity of Worcester Park and North Cheam;)

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