Sunday, 30 March 2008

School Daze

Another plea for help has plopped through the Worcester Park Blog's inbox - hopefully some longer-term Worcester Park residents can help with this historical conundrum from Kevin:

"I'm trying to track the name of a Primary/Junior school I briefly attended in Worcester Park around 1965-1970. It was in a road not far behind the shops in the Central Road area.

My recollection is that it may have been almost opposite the Washington Rd/Caldbeck Ave junctions at Central Road, but behind the shops for instance in the Hampton Rd area. I know there is a school further up the hill (Cheam Common Junior School in Kingsmead Avenue), but I don't think the school I attended was that far up from the Washington Rd area.

From memory, it was quite small and old and possibly doesn't exist now, or was it the Kingsmead Avenue school but prior to it (if applicable) being expanded and modernised?

Do you know what this school was called and where it was? If not, I'd be very grateful if you could let me know of a local historical organisation or person that would likely know?"

If you can help 'name that school' then add your comment below. Failing that, Kevin, I'd get in touch with the Worcester Park library - or alternatively Sutton Council's Archivist & Local Studies Manager -

Over to you, blog readers!