Wednesday, 26 March 2008

More Choices for Worcester Park...

It appears that spring has sprung the shopfitters of Worcester Park into a frenzy of activity, with several empty shop units about to be filled, which is great news (sadly not Drury & Cole, though, as that seems destined to remain empty forever).

The old 'Choices' video store is being transformed into Papa John's pizza takeaway - although they are only taking half of the unit, so one half of the shop will remain vacant.

Meanwhile, you may remember the short-lived 'Curry King' takeaway in Windsor Road, next to Mike's Music. I went there, just the once - the kitchen looked less than hygienic, service took forever and they tried and argue their way out of their £10 opening offer. Suffice to say that the rest of Worcester Park seemed to agree that 'Curry King' was 'F*# King' awful and it promptly disappeared.

The shopfitters are back, though, and it is being transformed into 'Ginger & Garlic' takeaway (adding flavour to your life, so they promise).

But the award for shortest-lived shop of all was taken by the 'Worcester Park Supermarket' (next to Checkers the sandwich shop) which if I recall was only open a few weeks before unceremoniously being boarded up.

Work has started inside the shop, though, so we will wait with baited breath to see which charity shop opens in its place. Cynical? Moi?

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Anonymous said...

Papa John's sounds promising.

David said...

Am I alone in thinking that Central Road doesn't really need any more eateries/take-aways/coffee shop outlets? I'd like to see some variation - so no more estate agents either!

Anonymous said...

The problem is Worcester Park premises are too expensive and only high profit margin business can servive. It's nice to have big name in the high street but we need is a Next, Orange/O2... etc, or some other big names that do not affect the local traders.

Worcester Park said...

Anonymous - you make a good point, however I don't think that WP premises are too expensive, which is why we have a huge variety of good local trades (plumbing shop, greengrocers, butcher, and even Broadway Bargains). Compare, for example, New Malden High Street which is almost entirely bereft of any decent local independent shops which have long since shut up shop. The good things about WP is that local indepdendent traders CAN survive (with the ongoing support of the local shoppers, that is).

Anonymous said...

I am the person that said we need the big names.

I appreciate that we need the local support but it is not there. As someone that runs one of the local shops I know I am not the only one that is close to closure very soon. We need something to keep the local people in worcester park.

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