Friday, 7 March 2008

KT and the sunshine band

For fear of turning into Tony Hart, here's a quick look at the lovely pictures you've been sending in for The Gallery.

And it it is a very quick look, as there's just the one picture - but gratefully received nonetheless.

So thanks to David for this pic of a typical Worcester Park sunset (take across Central Road from the Low Emissions side of town).

"I am not sure if every resident in the LEZ can cast their gaze on the sun slowing dipping below the horizon at the end of their working day, but for me, views like this make living in Worcester Park a sheer delight" writes David.

Hmm... it's a toss up between this and sunset over the Grand Canyon or the Taj Mahal, but impressive nonetheless. Perhaps the Worcester Park Tourist Office can use this in their next promotion.

Meanwhile, the crew at The Cazbar are looking to set up an 11a-side football team - so if that's your thing, then check out their Facebook group here. I can't wait for the match against The Huntsman's Eleven.....