Sunday, 30 March 2008

The devil's in the detail...

Ginger & Garlic, the latest takeway for Worcester Park, is open for business (just off Central Road, in Windsor Road - next to Mike's Music). I popped in this evening to pick up a menu of their (predominantly) Sri Lankan dishes.

The choices include the satanic-sounding 'Chicken Devil', 'King Prawn Devil' and 'Pork Devil' - but the most intriguing item on the menu is "Crispy Sadism Butterfly"

The mind boggles.

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NS said...

I prefer my butterflies to be masochists, but I suppose a sadist will do. Anything as long as it's deep fried and comes with some kind of dipping sauce.

Roy said...

Making a dish out of sadists is indeed a sign of culinary inspiration.

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