Monday, 18 February 2008

Stupid burgers...

I must admit that as the days at work have got longer and longer, my trips to Worcester Park's fast food outlets have become more and more frequent - so some timely advice from an Anonymous commenter on the blog today:

"I am new to Worcester Park, after reading this post, I went to Nefis over the weekend and the food was delicious and portions were very generous. The owner even gave me free bottle of Coke when I mentioned of reading about Nefis on your blog :-) "

Fantastic, but why didn't I think of that? There am I quite unashamedly plugging Nefis out of the goodness of my heart (and the clogged arteries leading from it) and it never even occurred to me to profit from my own plugging.

So I call on all the good people of Worcester Park to hot foot it to Nefis (the pedestrian crossing has been moved to right outside the shop, so it is clearly meant to be) and proclaim 'I read about you in the Worcester Park Blog. I'd like to claim my free bottle of Coke'. I wonder how generous they'll feel after the first dozen?

Association of ideas, I found myself in a City pub on Friday night, for the first time in many a year. The suited scrum to get to the bar was almost enough to remind me why I abhor such institutions, but the posh hooting of a drunken city worker in my left ear confirmed it all.

With far too little blood in my alcohol stream, I ended up joining the drunken masses in the queues for Burger King at Waterloo station for a midnight snack. As you do. I thought I had seen the very worst of the city types, until the suited buffoon ahead of me strode up to the counter and declared in an upper class bellow:

"Good evening Sir. Could I possibly have the largest Whopper you can possibly possibly muster?"

Merchant banker.