Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Post Waste

I'm finding it increasingly hard to understand the furore over Post Office closures. In fact I've never really understood whether it's a 'few-roar' or 'few-roar-ee', so what hope is there for me?

Even as someone brought up on a staple diet of Postman Pat, they seem an increasingly obsolete institution. Perhaps I'm too wedded to technology (the woman I wedded not too long ago will probably agree with that) but what purpose do they serve in today's towns and cities?

So I read the Surrey Comet's report news that two post offices in Kingston, two in New Malden, one in Surbiton and one in Worcester Park (the one in Malden Road, not Central Road) could be closed as early as July with my usual mix of indifference.

Now, before you fire off your comments about Post Offices being the heart of the community, Worcester Park is hardly the village of Greendale, so Granny Goggins will not be suffering in this process.

What irks me more is one comment of 'Simon' the Surrey Comet news website. He warns:

'Soon enough, we wont be able to pay bills, send post or draw pensions out."

Well no, because we don't have banks, telephone banking, Direct Debits, the Internet or chequebooks do we, Simon?

And before you hit me with the 'Yes but that's fine for young people' argument, let's take a step back and stop being so patronising to the more senior in our society and belittling of their ability to cope with one more change in what has been a lifetime of radical developments in the way we live our lives.

If you can come up with really good reasons of why we need our loss-making Post Offices then I'm willing to hear them.

Answers on a postcard, please.

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Anonymous said...

I can see your POV, but they do have a couple of uses:

1. Weighing parcells and buying the right stamps for them. Infact, when sending anything more than a standard letter it is useful to know what postage you should attach.

2. Picking up official forms for stuff like passports and driving licences.

The forms are available on the internet, if you can find them, and even if you don't have a printer at home most employers wouldn't begrudge the occasional non-work related print.

But the postage is useful. Granted, newsagents could handle this but would you feel confident in every newsagents postal knowledge?

Anonymous said...

And the woman in the Central Road Post Office does make great cups of tea

Ammonite said...

Leave Central Road Post Office out of this! They are always so nice and helpful, especially round Xmas when I've loads of parcels to post. And I often pop in for the odd Lion bar when I'm passing, more for the chat than the chocolate. Make the most of the Post Office, you will miss he convenience when they're eventually done away with. You should support our local one more because they are a good example of how a Post Office should be.

j_lo said...

A trip to the Post Office is good for improving social skills. It is becoming far too easy to stay at home and do your shopping, pay bills, bank etc from your computer. No wonder people are becoming depressed.
The staff in our local Worcester Park Post Office are very friendly, extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The passport service they offer is great.

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