Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Ploughing on regardless...

It was hardly the million man march but a fair smattering of local Post Office users and (surprise surprise) local politicians turned up at Plough Green today for some impropmptu tutting at the proposed closure of the post office there. Yes I know it's technically Old Malden, but we should at least acknowledge life outside Worcester Park.
I've already made my feelings known about the post office issue, and I await some real reasons as to why we actually need these institutions, but hey it gave some senior citizens a focus for the day, and the local politicians a raison-d'etre and a photocall for the Surrey Comet.

If hard earned taxpayers money is going to fund local services, then I vote that we divert it into spatial awareness classes for shoppers at Sainbury's at the top of the hill in Worcester Park - especially targeted at those who seem to have missed the fact that it is a small store with narrow aisles and are quite oblivious that their shuffling, dawdling and standing back to gaze agog at the selection of breads is clogging the entire shop and hindering the passage of others.

Oh, and whilst I'm in Victor Meldrew mode, what the in the name of financial fecklessness is the point of the raised tables/speed tables or whatever the hell they are that Sutton Council have slapped on the feeder roads where they meet Central Road? Even the road leading into the car park at Waitrose is having one plopped on it on Thursday.

There must be a point to this whole exercise. So please point it out to me.