Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Errors and emissions

Worcester Park now has the dubious honour of straddling the low emissions zone (LEZ to its friends). And I know how much you all enjoy a good straddle...

The boundary of the LEZ actually runs along Central Road (stay with me) so the shops on the north side (that's the KFC/Ryan Gate side) are all in the LEZ, whilst those on the Costcutter/Waitrose side of the road are outside it.

If you don't believe me, then next time you are in Central Road stand and take in the sweet perfumed low-emmision early-spring air outside the Halifax bank. Then cross (at your own peril) to choke on the rancid fume-filled air outside Iceland. Beeeg Eeeshoo amigo? Please amigo?

Who knows - perhaps being in the zone will inflate house prices even further. In which case the drinks are on The Brinkster.

Any why is it that all the pubs and bars (and supermarkets) are on the south side of Central Road? I'm sure somebody somewhere can tell me why.

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Daagh said...

wonderful blog.

Anonymous said...

The site of the present Waitrose (Stone Place) used to be a piece of largely derelict land used by lorry drivers as an unofficial overnight stop and for fly-tipping. I heard that the land was undeveloped for years because the Beverly river runs just underground at this point. However, the supermarket got built (initially as Somerfield), with the builders indeed having delays because of problems with the river.

The area got tarted-up wonderfully, and a Waitrose in the area aparently adds £££'s to the value of the property. However, on dark and foggy nights, you can still sometimes see articulated lorry drivers trying to negotiate the car park of Stone Place, and wondering where that pitstop disappeared to!
Kind regards,
White Van Lady.

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