Tuesday, 15 January 2008


An interesting e-mail plopped into the inbox this week (email address at the top, if you feel so inclined) from David, a resident of Worcester Park for 41 years, man and boy. He writes:

"I was interested to hear what my 12 year old son told me yesterday evening regarding his journey home from school as he walked up Central Road.

Striding past The Seasonal Shop he was startled to see a large rat make its way speedily across the high street, jump up the kerb and run so close to his feet that he had to stop abruptly.

After being unable to gain access to the Seasonal Shop through the front door, it backtracked and ran on a suicidal course back across the main road causing two cars to brake sharply before, my son believes, making himself very well acquainted with ‘Mr Michelin’.

This occurred at 3.30 in the afternoon. I wonder if any other WP residents have noticed such brazen antics from local rodents?"

Well, I can't say I've noticed a phenomenon of kamikaze rats in Worcester Park. The fact that the rat was trying to get into The Seasonal Shop doesn't surprise me, having seen who else goes in there. I'm guessing the rat was crossing the road to get to KFC when it met its grizly end.

Rumours that kebab-rat was on the menu at one of Worcester Park's fast food outlets are as yet unsubstantiated. Although, if it did then at least it would be free range, so Mr Fearnley-Whittingstall would approve.

Any more sightings of suicidal rodents? Do let us know.

(P.S: Police appeal board photoshopped from The Brinkster's excellent WP photos here. He's been cleared of any involvement in the hit and run, by the way.)