Tuesday, 22 January 2008

THAT landslide (in pictures)

It all seems but a distant memory, but back in December commuters to, from or through Worcester Park will recall the week and a half of misery caused by a landslide in the area.

The long awaited photograph of this catacylsmic incident has now been released and [drum roll] here it is:

Now, to the untrained eye (of which I have two), this hardly appears the major incident that caused nearly a fortnight of suffering.

It looks to me more like a large sheep landed on the rails, buckled them slightly, shed its fleece by the side of the track and spilled some gravel as it ran away. Perhaps that is really what happened, and it's all a conspiracy....

However Amy, who posted this photo on the Worcester Park Appreciation group on Facebook (what, you mean you're not on it yet?), tells me she showed this to some trainspotting anorak types at her workplace who confirmed it was indeed a serious incident; so apparently Network Rail aren't to blame in this instance.

I remain unconvinced.