Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Knockdown prices

I mentioned in correspondence with a Worcester Parker on Facebook that nothing interesting has really happened in Worcester Park of late. She was swift to correct me...

"Nothing interesting? There was two almost-fatalities at worcester park station recently... a land slide... the mystery of the empty shop... the man that walks around carrying a snake... two ladies collapsing in Waitrose within 30 mins of each other on the same day (about two weeks ago)... glorious traffic that fills the roads... the awful fence that they have put up on the bit of green opposite the station (which has probably all blown away by now!)... rat droppings found in a bakery ... the list is endless! "

Good point, Amy. And since you mention it, what is it with Waitrose and ambulances? I was quietly minding my own business at the weekend when another one raced down Central Road (if such a thing is possible) and into the Waitrose car park.

Scarcely a week goes by without an ambulance being called to Waitrose. The people of Worcester Park should be accustomed to their high prices by now, so surely it can't be the shock at the checkout that's knocking them down like flies?

I'm sure someone can explain the phenomenon of collapsing Waitrose shoppers. Now where's Hetty Wainthrop when you need her?