Saturday, 12 January 2008

Home on the range

Thanks to Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall I'm about to spend even more at Waitrose. The prick with the conscience has certainly pricked my conscience when it comes to chickens, so it's free range only from now on.

Mind you, you have to hand it to Hayley (pictured above) - the fattest of all the birds on Hugh's Chicken Run. She deserves a special award for having the brazen audacity to refuse to fork out £2 extra on a free range chicken for her family, despite clearly spending at least £150 a week on shovelling BigMacs down her own gaping gullet.

At least she's honest - I wonder how long I and the other free-range converts will maintain their pledge for.

Meanwhile back in Worcester Park, there's news of sorts on the mysterious turquoisey-blue fronted shop which used to be home to the mysterious 'Mavi Boncuk' slogan. Planning application has been put in to Sutton Council for use of the premises for 'financial services'. All quite disappointing really.