Saturday, 22 December 2007

That's when good neighbours...

I awoke this morning to find a Christmas card on the doormat - 'To no. 87 - HAPPY CHRISTMAS - from no. 83'

Now, I've no idea who lives at number 83. Likewise, it seems they have little idea who lives at number 87. Mrs WP thought it was an extremely kind act of Worcester Park neighbourliness. I thought sending a Christmas card to a house number was vaguely pointless. Perhaps I'm being heartless?

Meanwhile, wanting to save those precious few extra minutes of Christmas shopping time I used Comet's online 'Reserve & Collect' service. I turned up at the New Malden store and proudly announced my order number, only to wait a frustrating 10 minutes whilst the checkout girl dithered around the store trying to retrieve my order, as I stood just feet away shelves overflowing with boxes of the item I had gone to the trouble of reserving online. Technology. Who needs it?!

Well, that's all for now. I'm off to M&S Tolworth to pick up the Christmas turkey. If the timing is right, I should get out of there just in time to pop it in the oven on Christmas Day. Ho ho ho.