Wednesday, 12 December 2007

One track mind...

Oi you. Yes, you. The three thousandth web searcher who Googled 'Worcester Park landslide' and ended up on this page.

I'll have you know that back in the good old days (last Sunday), this was a witty monologue about life in and around Worcester Park. Then it became a traffic and travel information page. Well no more.

(Oh alright, then, one more time and just for you - there's a half hourly stopping train service between Waterloo and Epsom in both directions, and four trains an hour betwixt Waterloo and Chessington South in both directions. Replacement buses running elsewhere, yadda yadda, details here).

O.K. Can I get back to blogging business now?

Well, just a quick catch-up for now. In the tireless pursuit of service to Worcester Parkers I have added another few to the list of Worcester Park eateries which I blogged about here. I can highly recommend The Munal - for those who haven't tried Nepalese food, it's similar to your traditional Indian but lighter and far more flavoursome.

Then, of course, was the long-anticipated visit to Silks, which you can scroll down to read all about. I've also stumbled in to the Cafe Experience the past couple of Saturdays, and give two thumbs up to the cooked breakfast there.

Rest assured I shall leave no stone unturned (but probably several stone unweighed) in my mission to eat my way around Worcester Park.

Meanwhile it seems that almost whoever I blog about is reading this, and gets in touch. It was nice to get a brief comment from 'The Acorn Project' who read my post about them here.

And finally, a nod to Councillor and Deputy Mayor of Kingston Bart Ricketts who it turns out is also a reader of the blog and left a comment here. Nice of you to cross the borough boundary to join us.

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CB said...

I hate to disillusion you, but there's a good chance that some of those mentioned in the blog are not in fact regular readers, but in the habit of googleing their own names. Of course I'm sure they become avid readers the minute they discover you ;)

Worcester Park said...

I'm never disillusioned. But you're right... one bite of the WP Blog and they'll be hooked for life!

Anonymous said...

I do hope the teachers are docked pay for not doing the sats tests,after all they only get 10/11 weeks hol a year!

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