Wednesday, 19 December 2007

More travel misery..

More travel misery tonight, after a woman was struck by a train at Worcester Park around 5pm. No news on her condition at the moment.

The police tape around the station came down at 6:45pm, and it looks like the suspension of service is now being lifted - no consolation for those who had to struggle to get home tonight, with last week's chaos still fresh in the memory.

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Dan said...

Was aboard that train. I hope she's ok. The paramedics and fire brigade took her down to the ambulance where some doctors promptly arrived. When I was able to leave the station she was still being treated inside.

Worcester Park said...

Thanks Dan - can you elaborate on what happened, as far as you know?

Jennifer said...

I was stuck at Clapham Junction coz of it and they were reporting it as a fatality!!?? I had to go to New Malden... Poor woman.

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