Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Landslide defeat...

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Severe train distruption and travel problems from Worcester Park to wake up to, I'm afraid - South West train services are up the spout for the rest of this week, apparently, because of a landslide (well, landslip) in Worcester Park.

All of this means emergency engineering works, so an extremely restricted rail service (SW Trains' talk for one crammed train per hour, no doubt) between Raynes Park/Epsom in both directions. Replacement buses (oh how we love those) will be laid on along that route, and you're also stuck with the replacement buses if you're trying to get between Leatherhead and Effingham Junction.

My advice? Spare yourself the battle of Waterloo and head on the 151/213 bus up to Cheam Station for the London Victoria/Epsom 'Southern Train' services from there instead. Chances are they're accepting SW Trains tickets in any case.

15:30 Until close of service today there will be a bus replacement service between Raynes Park and Epsom and between Leatherhead and Effingham Junction.

From 16:00 until approximately 20:00 a limited rail service will operate in both directions between Waterloo and Epsom. There will also be additional trains to Chessington South during this period.

Southern trains are accepting SWT tickets for travel on their services between Clapham Junction and Epsom via Cheam.

From 19:00 a replacement bus service will operate between Epsom and Effingham Junction calling at all stations in both directions.

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Andrew said...

or Malden Manor - there are supposedly trains every 15 mins from there.

Rene said...

So there's a landslide but why are there 10 South West train guards on the platform - surely it would be better to get working and sort the problem out. Waiting half hour for replacement bus - good organising. Easier to walk to Motspur Park!

Roy said...

If possible, driving is probably the best option for travelling to Leatherhead from Worcester Park, despite the roadworks!

Michael said...

As a former resident of worcester park. i was naturally concerned at the news of a major landslide on worcester park's beloved railway.

i'm now resident in thailand and am amazed that some of your web site is written in thai!


Worcester Park said...

Michael - thanks, but I can't quite think which bits of this blog are written in That (except the names of the dishes I had at Silks fusion restaurant a few weeks back)...??

Anonymous said...

How about re-routing the 93 bus terminal stop from North Cheam to Worcester Park.

This would provide a 24 hour transport link to the nearest tube station (Morden) and beyond.

Anyone have the power to Petition for this?

Rene said...

When you get off the platform coming from London how are you supposed to get wheelchairs and pushchairs up or down the stairs. Better facilities required in the 21st century!!!

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