Tuesday, 18 December 2007

A hard shoulder to cry on

The Internet, so they say, arose from the Cold War - designed as a massive network of communication points so resilient the even in the event of those nasty Russians blowing up part of the world, the Americans could still download pornography.
Nowadays, it's a platform for discussion of all manner of things - even, apparently, roads. Today I learned about the existence of the excitingly titled Society For All British Road Enthusiasts. 'Paul & Lorna' e-mailed me (in my capacity as the unofficial spokesperson for Worcester Park) with this A-Road conundrum:

"Do you know anything about a partly built arterial road that starts in Lower Morden at the junction of the A24 London Road and Lower Morden Lane and would have run to Chessington?

It appears that it was to go along lower Morden Lane, then Green Lane, past the cemetry, then across the railway (one of the bridge ramps was built adjacent to Kingshill Avenue). On the other side of the railway the route is picked up in Sheephouse way then Knollmead in Malden. in Knollmead it appears that there was to be major junction where one route was to continue along Alpine Avenue to join the Kingston Bypass.
The other road continued as Knollmead swung south back over the railway on an extremely wide bridge that today goes only to a school but it appears was originally planned to have continued south to Jubilee Way in Tolworth, then along Chantry Way and Gilders Road in Chessington before joining the existing road to Leatherhead.
Basically it would have completely bypassed Ewell and Epsom.
The route can be quite easily traced on google maps satellite photos as the roads concerned are absurdly wide for minor residential roads and cul-de-sacs.If you know anything about this, I would be grateful.
It is currently being discussed here [link removed]"
Well, sadly I don't know the answer to that. My knowledge of local A-Roads isn't what it should be. Or, on second thoughts perhaps it is what it should be.
Anyway, if the fancy takes you, you can head over to that website and discover lots more and chat about about UK Roads, lost roads, arterial roads and road expansion schemes.
Or, you could just carry on downloading porn.


The link where this discussion was taking place now gets redirected to a very dodgy looking page designed to look like a facebook page - but definitely isn't. If you want to take the risk - the link is: http://www.uk-roads.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=18076&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0%3E%22. I wouldn't recommend visiting it but hey - it's a free country...

Unfortunately the website http://www.uk-roads.co.uk also seems to have been redirected to dodgyville as well. Sad as I would have liked to have kept open the option to look it further into this.