Wednesday, 12 December 2007

The great Worcester Park landslide...

So how big exactly is this now notorious landlside/landslip that hit Worcester Park on Monday? Given that South West Trains have lamely announced that services will be knackered until next Monday, one imagines a landslide of biblical proportions sweeping away all in its path and wiping out Stoneleigh.

Alas, no such luck, as my sources tell me Stoneleigh is still there (not quite sure why), but whatever the reality of the size of this mishap, the impact on rail travellers goes on.

So, today SW Trains have shovelled enough soil off the track to offer a twice-hourly stopping service between Waterloo and Epsom in both directions, and a massive four trains an hour between Waterloo and Chessington South in both directions. Big whoop.

Trains between Waterloo and Guildford, which normally travel via Epsom, have been re-routed via Cobham all day (how scenic), so buses replace trains between Leatherhead and Effingham Junction in both directions I'm afraid.

It was a busy day on the blog yesterday, with a flood of over a thousand extra visitors looking for news on the great Worcester Park landslide. So welcome to you, one and all, and do take the time to read the voice of Worcester Park and call again soon.

Now, skidaddle. Haven't you got a replacement bus service to catch?

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Anonymous said...

So explain to me this! - I travel from Bookham daily. This week I have been driving to Surbiton to avoid the area totally.

This morning I spoke to someone that I sometimes see on my train - and it seems that he caught a train this morning all the way through to Waterloo from Bookham!

Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if anyone can beat this?

We left our house in Boxhill and Westhumble to get the 7.34 train to Epsom which we had been assured by National Rail was running.

Alas on arriving at the station the SW train was canelled.

The only other option was th 8.20 to victoria which arrived at 8.25. Then the doors did not open and still were not open 5 misn later.

A run to the bus stop to get the 8.34 bus to Surbiton. Get to Surbiton to get a train to Waterloo then the Bakeloo line to arrive at work at 10.15am.

Not bad, 2hrs 55 mins for ajourney that should take 1hr 20 mins

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I arrived at Stoneleigh Station only to find that the train times had changed from Tuesday (Tuesday trains were different from their timetable as well) which meant I had just missed one.

The 7.20am was then cancelled. After asking the ticket guard where and when the replacemnt buses where running from, he replied that he wasn't too sure what had happened to the buses or what exit they went from, or if they were even running.

After waiting for an hour and 30 minutes (it was freezing!)with no information about what was happening until ten minutes before it arrived, the train eventually rolled up at the same time as the replecement bus service. 45 Minutes later we arrived at waterloo. So depsite leaving home 30 minutes earlier than normal I still ended up being an hour and a half late for work.

So whilst I understand that incidents such as Land slips happen, I (alongwith everyone else stuck on the platform!) felt that the situation was very poorly managed. The guy in the ticket office obviously wasn't being told anything by the communications centre despite all the phone calls he kept trying to make. However once he did get through he was great by keeping us updated with the station the train was at.

I did contact Southwest Trains to see if I could get a refund on my weekly Travelcard but as the 'land slip was not their fault' they aren't entitled to give me anything.

The guy on the phone from Southwest Trains mentioned that they can't always get replecement buses when they need or enough to provide a good service. He also mentioned that the centre their employees use to get information about for Customers (train times etc) is often busy in the morning so their guards can't get through. However he was sympathetic and mentioned that he was glad it wasn't him who was getting caught up in this every day!

So considering that the earliest they will fix this is Monday, I'm dreading my daily commute into London even more than usual!

Jennifer said...

Actually, I have been getting the train from Malden Manor (Chessington South service) every morning this week and they still have only the 2 scheduled trains. No extra ones put on...hmmm...

Richie said...

I think I was luckier than most

I still managed to catch a train around 8:00am towards Epsom from Worcester Park from Monday - Thursday... Luck was exhausted by Friday though!

Anyway, everyone at Stonleigh looked really confused when the train came from the other side of the platform!

Whilst at Worcester Park I saw I random guy WALK his way along the tracks from Motspur park.

People will do anything these days...

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