Wednesday, 12 December 2007

The great Worcester Park landslide...

So how big exactly is this now notorious landlside/landslip that hit Worcester Park on Monday? Given that South West Trains have lamely announced that services will be knackered until next Monday, one imagines a landslide of biblical proportions sweeping away all in its path and wiping out Stoneleigh.

Alas, no such luck, as my sources tell me Stoneleigh is still there (not quite sure why), but whatever the reality of the size of this mishap, the impact on rail travellers goes on.

So, today SW Trains have shovelled enough soil off the track to offer a twice-hourly stopping service between Waterloo and Epsom in both directions, and a massive four trains an hour between Waterloo and Chessington South in both directions. Big whoop.

Trains between Waterloo and Guildford, which normally travel via Epsom, have been re-routed via Cobham all day (how scenic), so buses replace trains between Leatherhead and Effingham Junction in both directions I'm afraid.

It was a busy day on the blog yesterday, with a flood of over a thousand extra visitors looking for news on the great Worcester Park landslide. So welcome to you, one and all, and do take the time to read the voice of Worcester Park and call again soon.

Now, skidaddle. Haven't you got a replacement bus service to catch?