Thursday, 15 November 2007

Zammo from Grange Hill...

Yesterday I declared the announcement that Father Christmas was coming to Worcester Park to be exciting news.

Back then, it was.

Today , however, brought news of an impending celebrity visit so momumental that Santa as well chop up his sleigh for firewood and bugger off to a retirement home in Cheam.

Yes, Zammo from Grange Hill (a.k.a. Lee MacDonald) is giving up an afternoon of cutting keys at his shop in Wallington to visit he Worcester Park Tavern to help Radio Jackie's local fundraising jolly for Children In Need.

Jackie are somewhat optimistically touting it as being the '
the biggest charity night in the world ever'. I think 'the biggest charity night in the world ever in Worcester Park' might have more chance of coming to fruition.

All starts at Midday on Saturday at The Worcester Park Tavern. Nice to hear that loads of Worcester Park Traders are pitching in to donate stuff for the charity day.

But just what does one say to Zammo Maguire on a cold November day in Worcester Park?