Sunday, 11 November 2007

The Worcester Park blag...

Following The Brinkster's tip off yesterday, I headed up to the van outside Costcutter to pick up my free Smartwater kit.

From my conversation with the man handing out the kits, the van's presence hadn't been well promoted which was a shame. He asked how I knew that they were going to be in Worcester Park, but I didn't have the energy to explain who The Brinkster was so I just mumbled something vague about the internet.

Anyway, pictured for those who are interested is the Smartwater kit. The bad news is that Mrs Worcester Park got to it first and mistook it for a new line of mascara. The good news is that should an eyelash fall out soon, we have a high chance of getting it returned.

Those of you who read my last blog entry and comments will know that I have managed to blag a discount from Silks restaurant in return for a review on this blog. James from Silks has now emailed me - so thankfully nobody else will be able to claim the Worcester Park blog discount on my behalf. I shall check it out some time in the next few weeks, and of course you can read here how the meal goes.

Now, I must point out that the voice of Worcester Park has no price and cannot be bought by the offer of freebies or discounts. I resent the suggestion that this blog is becoming nothing more than a vehicle for product placement and the soliciting of personal kickbacks. That's vehicle in the generic sense, not the kind of Jaguar or Lexus vehicle that you may find at Evans Autos, 674 London Road Cheam.