Monday, 5 November 2007

Worcester Dark..

..normal service has, it seems, been restored after the power went out at 6.45 this evening and plunged Worcester Park into darkness.

Luckily we had fork handles in the living room so continued our meal by candlelight (even an omelette seems romantic in that light) and then spent the next hour gathered around the tranny ('sistor, that is, not 'vestite) as they would have done in the good old days.

I've no idea how widespread the power cut was, although did hear on the radio that the lights were out as far up as North Cheam. We did the neighbourly thing by knocking on the front doors either side of us to offer the use of our candles if they were in need. Although, if the truth be told, it was more of a smug "Ahaha... we've read the government's Emergency Planning leaflet and are prepared for all eventualities and you're not" visit than anything else.

Thankfully it is November 5th and the house behind us were midway through their own mini display which added some sporadic illumination to proceedings - indeed the experience was probably enhanced by the lack of orange sodium tinge to the sky.

EDF Energy had nothing but on hold music - so it appears the good folk of Worcester Park were flocking to this fair blog for news on the power cut..

And lo and behold at 8.20pm the power was back on. Has Worcester Park been ransacked in a crazed outbreak of looting and pillaging under cover of darkness? Did the good folk of The Huntsman resolve their differences over the romance of candlelight and vow to put the arguments of the past behind them? Did anyone else struggle to find the number for EDF Energy?