Thursday, 8 November 2007

Central Rude...

Speculation is rife over on The Brinkster's blog that "one of the shops towards the top of Central Road has been closed for providing the kind of services that can't be advertised publicly".

Of course I knew that already.

Yes, at first I too was taken in by the facade of haberdashery, pocket money toys and the 3 for 2 offers on knitting needles.

But when Grandma Worcester Park wandered innocently in, declared she was into cushion making and was looking for cheap frills and extra stuffing, it became all to clear that Broadway Bargains is not all it seems....

[Note to lawyers: This is a joke (possible even 'satire'). Broadway Bargains is a perfectly respectable, if odd, haberdashery establishment]

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The_Parkerilla said...

Its the curtain across the doorway behind the counter and references to "out the back", they're a giveaway.

Roy said...

It all happens in Worcester Park!
Here in New Malden there is a new establishment just opened in the venue formerly known as Ronnies. It has a windowless black front, and an unpronouncable Korean name. No one is quite sure what it does. Perhaps the new owners have moved from Central Road!

Anonymous said...

a.....local shop for...local people!

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